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Within the immediacy of their youth, Ratik and his friends discuss growing up in modern India. They lay out their identity by discussing omnipresent expectations, the structures of learning they've been framed by, grapple with their passions, and reflect upon the ambiguous yet precise nature of it all. Join them in feeling out experiences of a lifetime thus far.

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Parth S. – Engineer, but so much more!

Ratik talks to Parth Saraswat, a recent engineering grad who actually likes engineering?!

Sambit Biswas – Photographer

Ratik talks to Sambit Biswas, a photographer currently studying at the School of Visual Arts in New York and also doing a bunch of freelancing on the side.

Gyan – Self-Taught Designer

Ratik talks to Gyan Lakhwani, a self-taught designer who is currently pursuing his master’s in interaction design at the IDC in IIT Bombay.

Sakshi Dhaka – Student of Linguistics

Ratik talks to Sakshi, a Masters student at JNU studying Linguistics. Sakshi's journey of finding a niche that she truly enjoys being in is a classic example of how there are no 'right' decisions in life.

Kabir Lal – Indie Game Dev

Ratik talks to Kabir Lal, an Indie Game Developer who’s launching his first game very soon. Yes, Kabir Makes Games! How cool!

Tejasri Gururaj – Student of Physics

Ratik talks to Tejasri about what its like to pursue Physics in India. They talk about everything from education in school to staying motivated to follow your passion when things get tough.